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So I have looked at a few wikipedia pages that regard historical figures. I feel like history has a lot to do with major events etc…but I love studying the people more. So the first site I looked at was a Queen Victoria Wikipedia page. I was really interested to take a look at the dicussion page! In the pop culture section, an editor pointed out that everything seems to trivial and there is not a lot of biograpghical info on Queen Victoria. I thought that was an excellent point. There are so many sources out there on Queen Victoria (believe me I have lots!) and it was nice for someone to mention that! There were also mega debates over her name. Whether she should be called monarch, queen, Alexandra Victoria. These seem to be really insignificant when scanning the discussions, but when I think about it- these details are crucial! We have to think carefully about every word we are to publish on a website…maybe something to think about. The history tab was also something important to take a look at. The most recent was a proposal to change her name….that debate has been taking so long that there are no new changes since Feb. 3
I also took a look at the Battle of Bull Run. In the discussion tabs there was also a dispute of names and nicknames of the battle and proposals of new names. There was also a section of clarification for the purpose of the battle and questions over the strategic moves of the battle. When looking at the history section of the wiki page- there is a lot of DRAMA! Someone cussed an editor out and then the wiki page reffered it back to the previous so the profanity was taken  out… Um it is just a battle! 🙂
A final history page I looked at was the wiki page of James Monroe. In the discussion section there was a variation of pros and cons. Some said there were not enough citations and people were confused of where sources came from. This is an extremely important factor that both the offical JMP website and our own website needs to take into consideration. I really want our group to keep a running list of sources just so it is not so overwhelming at the end. Others were picky over little words like secretary of state. This is another example of how specific the web content needs to be. The history page reviewed different proposals for change. The last update was Feb 8.

I think it is extremely important to look at the discussion pages and I have never thought to look at them before. People are constantly updating and challenging over the content of the wiki pages. Also, the continuous editing and updating is quite interesting. I think that looking at the pages make me realize that content is really really important. I do not want anyone challening the info we put on our sites…so we need to be mindful of that!

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