Movie Maker and Website

So, I created a draft of the slide show on movie maker. It seems to be going smoothly I just need to figure out more appropriate music other than ode to joy though. I also created the website for the JMP through umwblogs. There seemed to be a dispute over where our website should be- but all has been resolved.

I am also quite nervous about the umwblogs as being the structure of the website. I do not want it to look like a blog and I just want to make sure that it does not look like one. I know that we can utilize the page format and that is something I will take advantage of- I am still trying to get the structure down.

Next Wednesday we are planning to meet with Dan Preston to talk about transcriptions and the format of everything. I am looking forward to transcribing letters. We have each chosen one letter to transcribe. I just like doing this because even though I do enjoy technology- I just like to go back to basics.

Right now, I am just continuing to get this website up and looking as professional as possible .

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  1. kwuyscik Says:

    Hey Talya,
    Can you send the login info to the rest of the group? There are some aesthetic features with the site I want to play around with a little. Also, the About page looks good but I want to discuss a few things with you to maybe rework. 🙂