Breakdown for the JMP website…

It seems that the group is not on task one hundred percent. I think we all want something different out of the website and I think it would be appropriate to start a break down on the blog. In class today, we were all talking about the website and I just feel like we are going around in circles because we are all worried what each of us thing. I am a get in there and get your hands dirty type of person. I do not like tip toeing around and I really want to get the ball rolling….

The Website:

The about Page: James Monroe Biography-  Birth, schooling, politics, family, france,death. Also the movie maker slideshow

France: Synopsis of his dealings and interactions with France

Scanning: Scanned documents

Timeline: Link

Bibliography: also include an about the creators section.

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2 Responses to “Breakdown for the JMP website…”

  1. kwuyscik Says:

    I’m glad you were able to post this so quickly. Here’s what I’m thinking.

    Home Page: as basic as the official one

    The About Page: 2 Sections (in no particular order) 1 – About Us 2 – About Monroe (Childhood, family, BRIEF political overview, death)

    France: Him and his Mission to France like you said

    Scanning: Same as what you stated

    Timeline: Link (or embedded?)



  2. Andrea Says:

    I’m really grateful you got this up here so we could talk in more detail about what we discussed in class. I think we’re all coming from a pretty similar background and I think we need to flesh things out a little more, and this is a good way to do it.
    I think I’m looking at a similar idea that you are, I think I should probably start to compile some of the information I have (and I know you have some information too to work with) that fits into those categories. I would like to see some information on policies/US relations with France during his time there as part of the “France” section, and I suspect that fits with what people are talking about. For example, what parts of his time there were we endorsing the French Revolution? I’d like to address how the worsening of the Revolution contributed to his departure, etc. too.