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So this weekend I have been cleaning up the slide show, transcribing Monroe’s 3rd letter in the volume and getting text ready to put up under the James Monroe family section of the website. Andrea and I met Friday to start uploading to Omeka. As we are uploading there seems to be a problem with the batches. I am getting a little confused so I guess the next step is going to the IT folks unless the group can figure it out. I am getting extremely frustrated. I thought I knew a lot about computers taking computer science and being pretty savy with technology. But obviously I am quite amateur at all this. I am also, like Kelly , getting annoyed with pushing things back. I want this to get done. I am eager to get it finished and for some reason I feel like it is not getting up on its feet which is making me very nervous. I really want to finish this. I feel that we are behind and not with it. I try and keep things together and sometimes I just get a little nervous it will not be done. The websites look great and I am doing all I  can to get this project up- but- I am losing patience with it.

When I started this course, I was so looking forward to doing the Monroe project. I was and still am considering him as a section of my senior 435 thesis- but I did not expect the project to be what it is. I do not know- I thought it would take a more historical aspect. I am so enjoying transcribing. I wish we could have time to do more- it is a lot of fun. The scanning was also fun – but as time approaches I just feel uneasy.

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More of the website done

Hey all,

I have also started adding info on the monroe and his family page: check it out!

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James Monroe Website

Thanks to all the questions and comments of the class this morning, the website header has been appropriately changed. Also, I have done to about page. Take a look and let me see what you think..

Thanks all!

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Movie Maker and Website

So, I created a draft of the slide show on movie maker. It seems to be going smoothly I just need to figure out more appropriate music other than ode to joy though. I also created the website for the JMP through umwblogs. There seemed to be a dispute over where our website should be- but all has been resolved.

I am also quite nervous about the umwblogs as being the structure of the website. I do not want it to look like a blog and I just want to make sure that it does not look like one. I know that we can utilize the page format and that is something I will take advantage of- I am still trying to get the structure down.

Next Wednesday we are planning to meet with Dan Preston to talk about transcriptions and the format of everything. I am looking forward to transcribing letters. We have each chosen one letter to transcribe. I just like doing this because even though I do enjoy technology- I just like to go back to basics.

Right now, I am just continuing to get this website up and looking as professional as possible .

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The JMP Website

Other than the breakdown, there has been a lot of things I have been thinking about regarding our website. I created a “website” on wordpress. We have to transport it to UMW which is understandable. I am not sure that wordpress is the best choice anymore. OMEKA is good for artifacts, but for an interactive website I am not sure what to use at the moment. I have continued to research and have come up with a few ideas but I am not sure which is best. Any Ideas? I came up with: There is weebly which looks pretty similar to wordpress but that are more options, wordpress, omeka- but I feel like we need something more.

Any Ideas?

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Breakdown for the JMP website…

It seems that the group is not on task one hundred percent. I think we all want something different out of the website and I think it would be appropriate to start a break down on the blog. In class today, we were all talking about the website and I just feel like we are going around in circles because we are all worried what each of us thing. I am a get in there and get your hands dirty type of person. I do not like tip toeing around and I really want to get the ball rolling….

The Website:

The about Page: James Monroe Biography-  Birth, schooling, politics, family, france,death. Also the movie maker slideshow

France: Synopsis of his dealings and interactions with France

Scanning: Scanned documents

Timeline: Link

Bibliography: also include an about the creators section.

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