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Exploring the Tools

So since I have been able to retrieve my login details for Omeka, things have been running quite smoothly. I am doing well with delicious. I actually have to post for two classes so it is cool to see all the tags and such. I am enjoying google docs. Other than delicious I can see that this is a really good tool for our group.

Continuing to look and review websites is something I am finding extremely interesting. Usually, I just look at a website for the content. But since our class discussion, I have began to look at the navigations of a page. Do I want that for our page–or would Mr. Preston like it for his page, or is this really useful? I am starting to look at pages for the easier structure, not just the content. It is kind of annoying because I probably will not look at a website the same ever—but hey it’s all part of learning.

We met with Mr. Preston last class–I am going to make that a whole different post 🙂

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What is Omeka? O my ka!!!

Ok, so we need to upload stuff to omega. I am cool with that. I mean that is not too hard right? I feel like I am computer savvy enough. But when exploring it a little in class – it looks really technical…like wordpress times 1000! Ok, maybe that was a slight exageration! So, I decided to post something a few hours ago—and then when I went to the page I had forgotten my password. This is quite expected because I have used so many. I am in an intense theatre course where I have to create a digital story so there are so many passwords to create. Well I forgot, and tried to retrieve it through email….but it did not work. I am so frustrated. I really wanted to upload and explore some more. Well, I guess I will figure it out tomorrow in class.

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Why I Chose Digital History…

Hello all. My name is Talya and I am a junior at the University of Mary Washington. I am a double major in History and Theatre. I chose to be a double major because I do have a passion for the performing arts, but ever since I was young I have always been interested in the past and the study of particular eras- specifically the Colonial and Revolutionary eras in the United States.

So, why did I choose this class? Well, to be honest I really wanted to get into the witches seminar. Yet the more I pondered on what I want to do when I leave this institution, I knew that I had to give myself a chance and take this course. Right now, I am headed down the path of Law School. And the more I look at the syllabi of classes of law schools online, I realize that nearly most of the classes use computers constantly. I know how to use a computer, but I know I need some skills when it comes to tools, documentation of cases or letters online, and the overall knowledge of how to build a website and make the internet and easier tool for me to use when it comes to assignments.

I am pretty pleased that I got my first choice when it came to the projects within the course. I am a part of the James Monroe Letters project. First of all, I am rather daunted that I am going to be part of creating a website- but with everyone’s guidance, I am sure that will come out successfully.

I definitely appreciate the way that Dr. McClurken is approaching the course. He knows that this is a challenge for most of us- particularly me. To be honest, I am very nervous. I mean let’s be honest here- I am going to create a website that is going to be part of this university FOREVER! (well that’s if it is good). I am sure it will be good. But it is very daunting. Just learning about the tools to help the daunting project are daunting. However, I plan to do as Dr. McClurken asked. I shall trust him, and in turn will come in open minded and ready to be creative. I think I am safe to say that I am creative- and hopefully that side of me will be able to channel through when it comes to the major project.

That is all for now- will be reporting quite soon.

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Hello world!

Welcome to UMW This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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